The Seven Lakes of Rila

The seven lakes of Rila is one of the most popular places to visit if you like Hiking. Although, the ease of access by the lift had made the place a bit crowded, and the hardcore hikers tend to avoid it, during the summer. The "Seven lakes of Rila" hut is a situated immediately above the upper station of the lift, and... it's a regular hut, with the price tag of a five star hotel. The food there is not the best by a huge margin. Image From there it's all up. The path, that will take you to the lakes is so popular, that it looks more like a highway, than a hiker's path. If you go there in the summer - prepare to meet a lot of people. Many of them - far from the typical hiker - you can even see people with slippers and high heels. Image And yes - there are a few lakes there. Don't remember the name of this one :) Image This one is called "Bubreka", which litterally translates as "the kidney" :) Image