Linden (Basswood or Lime) Bonsai

Everyone knows the delightful scent of the linden tree. They are quite common, large and fast growing trees that besides the great aroma can also make great bonsai tree. My experience with this amazing tree dates back to 1991 when I first found one little sprout under the mother tree. Back then I was really at the beginning of my bonsai experience but I carefully moved it to a pot and here, 28 years later, this beautiful Linden (Basswood / Tilia / Lime) tree bonsai is still around:


To make a comparison, here is a picture of the tree from 2005:


Some information regarding the Linden care.

Possition: Partial shade or full sun. In the winter protect from temperatures bellow -10 C.

Repotting: Every one to two years in spring as buds extend. Basic soil works well but can report in other subtrates as well.

Pruning: In early spring (or late winter) you can do a hard prune. Later on, during the growing season, you can prune slightly to hold the shape. With enough fertiliziing shoots can regrow within 3-4 weeks for 3-5 times in one year. To allow new shoots enough time to harden up for winter stop pruning at the end of August.

Wiring: Wire during the growing season. The bark is sensitive and marks easily however, slight wire marks will disappear quickly.

Propagation: Stratify seed for 3-5 months and sow outside in Spring / Autumn. Ripewood cuttings in late-summer.

Pests and Diseases: Susceptible to root-rot, gall mites on leaves, scale insects and aphids.

Styling: Suitable for all forms except Literati. However the Informal Broom form best reflects the tree's natural habit. Suitable for larger sized bonsai.